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About Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford

A Brief History...

Gerald D. Burkey, CPA, “Jerry” opened a small accounting office in 1956. He was known for his brilliant tax and communication skills. He had a keen sense about people and a warm heart. Outside the office, Jerry loved his church and music.

With Jerry Burkey leading the team, the firm grew steadily. The clientele covered the Antelope Valley and the Indian Wells Valley.

Gary W. Cox, CPA, joined the firm in 1977. Gary attended Rice University under a football scholarship. An injury necessitated a career change, and Gary chose the accounting profession. He was considered outstanding in tax and was highly personable.

Outside the office, Gary was involved in sports with his three daughters, one of whom trained for the Olympics.

In 2015, the firm expanded into Northern San Diego County and Southern Riverside County through its acquisition of Gilchrist, Stanfield & Newquist, CPAs, a prestigious accountancy firm located in Carlsbad, California.

“We decided to move our practice forward through an acquisition, because we believe that as a combined larger organization we’ll be able to provide an even wider array and depth of service to our clients,” said Scott Evans, CPA, CFP and Partner.

61 Years of Excellence

Since 1956, more than half a century later, Burkey, Cox, Evans & Bradford (Burkey & Cox) is still “the” respected accounting firm with its high-tech equipment, talented partners, knowledgeable managers, skilled CPAs and friendly staff. Some of the original clients from 1956 and the firm's philosophy, goals and shared commitment remain intact.

Due to its state-of-the-art computer techology, ongoing investment of time and resources in continuing professional education, and extensive business relationships, Burkey & Cox can address the most complex tax, accounting, auditing, financial planning or business consulting issues. Importantly, the firm strives to handle all of these issues in the most efficient and economical manner possible, passing the savings onto its clients.

2016 staff picture of Burkey Cox Evans & Bradford
2016 staff of Burkey Cox Evans & Bradford
Burkey & Cox – 2016

Burkey & Cox’s list of clients is diverse – from individuals and small businesses to large corporations – from doctors and lawyers to school districts and non-profit organizations – from medical facilities to auto dealerships – from art studios to the movie industry.

All of the Certified Public Accountants are licensed, bonded and approved by the IRS for electronic filing.

historic photo of Gerald Burkey cpa
Gerald D. Burkey, CPA
Founder, Retired
historic photo of Gary Cox cpa
Gary W. Cox, CPA
Partner, Retired Consultant
historic photo of Terry Snedigar
Terry L. Snedigar, EA
Enrolled Agent, Retired