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Chris Horne

Staff Accountant

photo of Chris Horne staff accountant at Burkey Cox accounting firm

Chris Horne has more than 20 years experience in the accounting profession. She was previously with Burkey & Cox from 1994 to 2007. The firm is pleased to have her back in 2013.

Her work-related strengths include business tax returns, business compilations, and auditing. Chris prides herself at being an expert at solving puzzles and saving clients thousands of dollars.

Academically Chris is the recipient of the prestigious Bank of America Achievement Award in Mathematics, an award that honors students who give the most promise of future success and service to society. Over the years, she has studied and taken numerous classes in accounting, business law, business taxes and personal taxes.

In her spare time, Chris enjoys genealogy, through which she discovered she's related to the oldest man in the world in 2011. He lived to age 114. Chris also has a motorcycle license. She and her husband enjoy riding throughout the USA and abroad. They rode a Harley through Switzerland, Germany and Austria on one of their vacations.