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“It’s not what you earn... it’s what you keep.”

Welcome to Burkey & Cox

“It’s not what you earn... it’s what you keep.”

The B&C motto –

“It’s not what you earn...it’s what you keep.”

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photo of Burkey and Cox newest office in Carlsbad California

Gilchrist, Stanfield & Newquist CPAs of Carlsbad to Merge with Burkey Cox Evans & Bradford CPAs

June 2015, Palmdale, CA – Gilchrist, Stanfield & Newquist CPAs of Carlsbad, California, is merging with Burkey Cox Evans & Bradford (Burkey & Cox) of Palmdale, California. The merger will begin June 1, 2015. The Gilchrist firm will be absorbed into Burkey & Cox, but will retain its existing office location in Carlsbad.

“This merger exemplifies our continued effort toward excellence and growth for Burkey & Cox,” said partner Scott Evans, CPA CFP CVA. “It also presented an opportunity to branch out into other important areas of Southern California, especially by merging with an established and great firm like Gilchrist, Stanfield & Newquist.”

Since 1974 the Gilchrist firm has been successfully servicing clients in Carlsbad and the counties of Northern San Diego, plus Southern Riverside.

“Burkey & Cox shares the same values we do,” said Dan T. Stanfield, CPA and partner at the Gilchrist firm. “Burkey & Cox actually exceeded our expectation for a firm that would honor our traditions of excellent service, broad expertise, and a pride of ownership environment.”

William C. Gilchrist, CPA added, “Our merged firm will be able to provide many new services and areas of expertise in the future, and we look forward to introducing our clients to our new partners and CPAs joining the Carlsbad office.”

“The partners, CPAs and staff at both our firms are excited about the merger,” said Laura Bradford, CPA and partner at Burkey & Cox. “During the transition, we will be working together to provide the San Diego clients, as well as our clients, uninterrupted service.”

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